RE-BLOG: Chase Charvis-The Hit List. 13 Things Crucial for Your Success (In Any Field)

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We’ll spare you the extensive bio that sums up the hybrid of a commercial/fine artist that is Chase Jarvis. If you have never seen his work, jump on over HERE to check out a clean little video edit that explains his versatility and vision. I have had the opportunity to meet Chase, and speak with him about many of his exciting personal projects aside from his commercial success’s. He continues to be an inspiration not only as an artist, but as a brand, and a visionary.
Chase Jarvis and Dave Brewer

Chase Jarvis and Dave Brewer

Recently, I stumbled upon a  blog post where Chase hit the nail on the head covering a lot of topics that have been rattling around in my brain for years without finding the ability to adequate express with words. He calls it, “The Hit List”- 13 Things Crucial for Your Success (In Any Field). Instead of simply regurgitating the well thought out, well scripted words, it is much more recommended to link on over to Chase’s Blog where I hope you have the chance to browse around after being fed a large spoonful of common sense knowledge that the average creative often overlooks. I hope you find it as inspiring and motivating as I have. And like Chase notes in #11: Seek Out Good People. -Dave Brewer SLC Photo Collective.