Come Celebrate The Life of Kodak and the 6 Month Anniversary Party of the SLC Photo Collective with Film Por Vida!

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The day that we finished the creation of the larger-than-life roll of Kodak Ektar 100 film, Kodak ironically announced that they are filing for bankruptcy. Although it is a necessary step in continuing their line of digital products, it is sad to see such a drastic change in the history of film-based photography. “They did indeed file for bankruptcy but the film division of Kodak is still quite profitable. They had double digit growth in sales in 2011. I am not sure where the future of the company is headed, but I would be amazed to see them stop producing film anytime soon.” -Ryan Muirhead (Photographer supported by Kodak) As a tribute to Kodak and to Celebrate the 6 month Anniversary of the SLC Photo Collective,  we would like to invite you to come be a part of an exclusive international exhibit: Film Por Vida: A Print Exchange Program Friday, January 20th. 7pm-midnight. 561 West 200 South. SLC, UT 84101 A huge Thank you to a few specific people that helped in the creation of the Giant Roll of Film: Jake Vivori for the Die Cut Sticker work, Joan Richardson, Adrian Elias, and Jordan Huntington for helping with the many coats of paint! The Film Por Vida print exchange program is an international exchange of photographic prints through the mail by over 200 photographers from around the world. Inspired by Ray Johnson and the New York Correspondence School. In the last 6 years Jai Tanju has sent out thousands of photos to photographers, film lovers and artists. In return receiving over 1500 pieces of mail that will be exhibited along with  26 framed photographs by: Joe Brook, Tobin Yelland,  Sam Milianta, Jeff Griffin, Matt Winskowski, Sean Winskowski,Adam Dorobiala, Tim Irwin, Dave Schubert Dan Boulton, Takeshi Abe, B. Fonville, J.Siegel, Jai Tanju, Ken Nagahara, Weston Colton, Brad Westcot,  Greg Hunt, Dennis McGrath, Bryce Kanights, Amanda Lopez,  Isaac Randozzi, Mark Whiteley, Dave Franklin, Kingsley Ifill, Phil Jackson, Eric Antoine, Fabrizio Biviano,  and Espen Stokke. Also including additional local SLC Photographers: Zuzanna Audette, Jeff Yeats, Ryan Muirhead, Teresa Flowers, Bob Plumb, Jordan Huntington, Karalee Kuchar, Chris Swainston, Angela Brown, Greg Hebard, Duston Todd, and many others. Film Por Vida has received a lot of media attention including VICE Magazine, The Touring exhibit has been on display in New York, California, London, and now Salt Lake City! So What can you expect to see on January 20th at the SLC Photo Collective? We are excited to hang thousands of images ranging from loose prints, to large scale framed work. We will be creating a few large collage pieces as part of a permanent addition to the gallery. We have been working hard to further update the interior of the gallery with more interactive elements. Come celebrate with us and see all of the new additions on January 20th 2012 from 7:00pm-Midnight.